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          About me

          First and foremost, I’m a campaigner. Nowadaways, I’m head of campaigns and communications for the TUC. I’m lucky enough work for the first female General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O’Grady. Since I joined the TUC in July 2015, I’ve…

          Antonia Bance and Ed Turner at the start of the redevelopment on Rose Hill

          I’m a member of the Labour party – and a former councillor, cabinet member and parliamentary candidate. I stood down from Oxford City Council in 2013, after seven wonderful years representing the people of Rose Hill and Iffley. The thing…

          Things I've written

          One of the perils of being a head of campaigns rather than, say, a head of policy, is that most of my writing isn’t online under my name. But there you go. You can probably guess whose names lots of…